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Wunderkammer move from Carlsberg to Amager

Wunderkammer have just finished ‘Jackalope’ in Helsingør, a commission for Hjemstavn and Passage Festivals and are now settling into a new base on Amager. Question – why do people call it ‘the shit island’???? The Summer has been a hectic one returning from the overwhelming Drive-in Rio and straight into rehearsals for Jackalope not least because we had to move from Wunderkammer HQ in Ny Tap, Carlsberg -our adopted home since starting the company in 2010. The building is due to be demolished at some point but no-one knows when…..Fortunately we found a new home in Prage Boulevard via the fabulous Steen Anderson who sits on the board there and we have already met some inspirational folk. Iben Elmstrom, founder of 68m2 Art Space has taken us in with a neat little office right next to the gallery which we hope to help out with curation-wise. Adjacent is a large hall also being developed by Mads (surname unkown as yet!) among others into an events space for up to 400 people and the lease of the entire area of Prags Boulevard 43 has now been extended for the occupants to further develop their work and business. Heads up on a cool looking sound festival LAK Festival happening there 6th-9th of September and also watch out for 68m2 participation in Alt_Cph….We’re looking forward to getting well and truely stuck into the awesome stuff happening out here – Thanks for having us. WK

Jackalope by Wunderkammer

Photo of part of the Jackalop experience by ‘photographer to the stars’ Max Markov (featuring the genius himself in the image!)

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