Wunderkammer Theatre Company

‘THE GET-AWAY’ for Wonderland

‘The Get-Away’ performed at Wonderland’s Diesel Fashion Party For The Stupid People, 14th August 2010.

Special thank you to Lej et Lig for providing our get-away van!

Production Credits


Patricia Rodriguez: Gwendoline Nalvarte
Gunman: Luke Cooper
Innocent Bystander 1: Lena Ditte Nissen
Innocent Bystander 2: Thor Jensen
Innocent Bystander 3: Kristian Paxti
Wheelman: Claus Ankersen
Bad Cop 1: Samuel Ibanda
Bad Cop 2: Dylan Tromp


Super Producer: Sophie Ullerup
video: Sam Moore and Katrine Seidelin
Set Design and Construction: Thor Jensen, Rasmus.