Wunderkammer Theatre Company


We live our lives side by side, thin plaster walls dividing our existence, a millenia of choices leading up to the present moment. In The Corridor new rules apply …take a look, listen hard.

A combination of performance, video and installation creates an alternative and distorted reality. Absurd meetings occur, conversations out of sync, you are a guest in the random, colossal nature of your life.

‘No Known Cause’ was a part of Metropolis – festival for art and performance in urban space in 2011. It took place in Ny Tap at the old Carlsberg Breweries. It can be re-staged in site specific locations with a central corridor and rooms leading off from this corridor. For example a hotel corridor.

English Language. 60min


Koncept, Design & Instruktion: Luke Cooper and Samuel Moore.
Instruktion: Caspar Haarløv.
Manuskript: Emma Jowett, Samuel Moore, Luke Cooper, Hildigunn Eydfinsdóttir & Mads Hansen.
Medvirkende: My Grönholdt, Henriette Aarup, Georg Jagunov, Maria Kristiansen, Vincent Skat-Rørdam, René Kruse, Adam Ild Rohweder & Hildigunn Eydfinsdóttir.
Lyd design/Video: Micheal James, Sissel Marie Tonn, Samuel Moore, Georg Jagunov & Lucas Margutti.
Tekniker/Byggeansvarlig: Rasmus Lykkebo, Kamal Jabli & Thor Jen.
Produktion: Sophie Ullerup, Ditte Rosenquist & Mads Hansen.

Med støtte fra Statens Kunstråds Scenekunstudvalg, Københavns Kommune, Leg Et Lig & Urban Help

We would also like to thank:
Anne Heurlin, Lars Seidelin, Eik Christensen, Thor Jensen, Martin Zimmermann, Anne Liisberg, Mikkel Rasmussen, Cecilie Hakmann Schøning and Micheal Hakmann.

Articles & Reviews

“…even with a fairly simple story line, which tracks Adam’s life, the richness and inventiveness of this exotic beast of a play Wunderkammer has put together was always alluring and stimulating (sometimes perhaps even over stimulateing)[sic] It’s astounding how we are made to feel sympathetic towards the drunk driving, girlfriend slaying, even apathetic Adam, maybe that due to his honesty in in his narration of his story.”


“No Known Cause” has to be one of the most intriguing, most engaging theatre productions i’ve ever seen.”


“I’m not sure if I was more excited by the set up of the show (we were led through a series of rooms, always returning to an ever-expanding corridor), the performance itself (a dynamic and engaging story of a man who loses his mind after a car accident), or the location (in a warehouse at the old Carlsberg brewery site).”