Wunderkammer Theatre Company


‘Jackalope’ was part of ‘Hjemstavn’ & Passage Festival of performance and Street Art, directed by Helsingør Teater.
31st July and 1st-4th August,2012,  Galleri 2B, Badevej, Helsingør

A plain white Kolonihavehus, 2 men, hygiene, health and hygge. A misguided pursuit of perfection.

Have faith in the instructions.

Don’t succumb to Cabin fever and failure.

This is a Dramatic reanactment of “real” events and distorted recollections.

Try to forget about the prying eyes all around you…

Two foreign men were going to become perfect specimens of hygiene, health and hygge, living quitely in a tidy little Kolonihavhus. They trusted the manual they where given by ‘The Trainer’ but something went terribly wrong. They find their home extracted from it’s familiar environment and placed in a holding facility for anaylsis. Here they have been asked to re-enact  their lifes, in all their absurd detail. Something of the men has become lost in translation and what comes to light in this new context may be unrecognisable even to them.

Jackalope was Wunderkammer’s 3rd full scale show in Denmark. This time in collaboration with ‘Hjemstavn’ Festival of performance directed by Helsingør Teater. Once again it took place outside of the studio theatre. ‘Hjemstavn’ is inspired by Helsingør city itself and the people who live there. Our starting point for ‘Jackalope’ considers what it is like to be ‘a newbie’, ‘green enough to snap’ and reminiscent of Bateman’s immortal words, the process of ‘fitting in’.

Supported by: Helsingør Teater & Statens Kunstråd Scenekunst

Production Credits

Concept & Design: Luke Cooper and Samuel Moore
Devising: Luke Cooper, Samuel Moore, Neil Bennun, Hildigunn Eydfinsdottir, Sissel Marie Tonn & Lucas Margutti
Writing: Neil Bennun, Luke Cooper, Samuel Moore & Hildigunn Eydfinsdottir
Performance: Neil Bennun, Luke Cooper & Hildigunn Eydfinsdottir
Video Design: Samuel Moore & Sissel Marie Tonn
Video Design & Visual Mixing: Lucas Margutti
Sound Design: This Month Only
Sound Tech & Set Build: Rasmus Lykkebo
Photography: Max Markov