Wunderkammer Theatre Company




Ten cars were installed in the huge concrete HOF space at Ny Tap in a 1950s ‘drive-in’ movie theatre set-up.

Our network of artists were then invited to create their own unique performance or installation, working collaboratively with Wunderkammer.

What resulted was a project described as ‘intoxicating performance’ where we created a forum for artists to show their work and try out new ideas.

We also platformed bands and djs and visual artists encouraging dialogue between these different disciplines.


Production Credits:

Directors and Producers: Luke Cooper and Samuel Moore.
Lead Technicians: Rasmus Lykebo and Thor Jenson.
Assistant producers and bar managers: Ditte Rosenquist and Sophie Ullerup.
Construction: Rasmus Lykebo, Thor Jenson, Daniel Sayer, Luke Cooper, Julian Amery and Samuel Moore.


Nanna Abell, Julian Amery, Lisbeth Barkhuus, Mikkel Christiansen,Luke cooper, Katinka Jean Havberg, Thor Jenson, Renata Kleber, Lene Kreilgaar, Timo Kreuser, Ida Larson,Yeray Lopez-Portillo, Lucas Margutti, Rasmus Lykkebo, Carl Michael Richardt, Sam Moore, Gwendoline Nalvarte,Kir Qvortrup, Sasca Rosborg, Gry Raaby, Katrine Seidelin, Jens Sonnenborg, Camilla Sort, Joy Sun-Ra Pawl,Miriam Swartz, Johnny Sybin, Sissel Tonn, Manca Ursic, Esther Wrobbel, Glen Yeoh and Tanja Bjørn Zabell.

SPONSORS: Urban-Help at Nytap Carlsberg, Statens Kunstråd Scenevalg, Vesterbro Lokaludvalg and Lej et Lig.

“Wunderkammer has created a simple but brilliant idea: allowing the front and rear windows (of the cars) to serve as canvases for various projections. It was great to experience intimacy inside the cars, along with the artwork. An intimacy that felt so much more intense having just walked through the huge former industrial Carlsberg warehouses.”

Rikke Matthiesen Hedeager, Event Co-ordinator, ‘The Play house’, The Royal Theatre, Copenhagen, Denmark

“Drive-In was a great way to showcase the work of experimental artists while also opening up part of the Carlsberg site for use by the citizens of Copenhagen. More than an art show, Drive-In was a performance, a social event and a revelation about the potential which exists in challenging spaces and places throughout the city.”

Gerard Reinmuth, Director, TERROIR.com.au, Architect Company, Copenhagen, Denmark