'NO KNOWN CAUSE' by Wunderkammer.

We live our lives side by side, thin plaster walls dividing our existence, a millenia of choices leading up to the present moment. In The Corridor new rules apply ...take a look, listen hard.

A combination of performance, video and installation creates an alternative and distorted reality. Absurd meetings occur, conversations out of sync, you are a guest in the random, colossal nature of your life.

English Language.
60min long

'No Known Cause' was a part of Metropolis - festival for art and performance in urban space in 2011. It took place in Ny Tap at the old Carlsberg Breweries. It can be re-staged in site specific locations with a central corridor and rooms leading off from this corridor. For example a hotel corridor.


For booking enquiries contact luke@thewunderkammer.dk



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Koncept, Design & Instruktion: Luke Cooper and Samuel Moore.

Instruktion: Caspar Haarløv.

Manuskript: Emma Jowett, Samuel Moore, Luke Cooper, Hildigunn Eydfinsdóttir & Mads Hansen.

Medvirkende: My Grönholdt, Henriette Aarup, Georg Jagunov, Maria Kristiansen, Vincent Skat-Rørdam, René Kruse, Adam Ild Rohweder & Hildigunn Eydfinsdóttir.

Lyd design/Video: Micheal James, Sissel Marie Tonn, Samuel Moore, Georg Jagunov & Lucas Margutti.

Tekniker/Byggeansvarlig: Rasmus Lykkebo, Kamal Jabli & Thor Jen.

Produktion: Sophie Ullerup, Ditte Rosenquist & Mads Hansen.

Med støtte fra Statens Kunstråds Scenekunstudvalg, Københavns Kommune, Leg Et Lig & Urban Help

We would also like to thank:
Anne Heurlin, Lars Seidelin, Eik Christensen, Thor Jensen, Martin Zimmermann, Anne Liisberg, Mikkel Rasmussen, Cecilie Hakmann Schøning and Micheal Hakmann.

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