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WUNDERKAMMER Lives, RISK Reclaims, BODA BODA at Blågårds Plads


Welcome to Wunderkammer‘s brand new blog. A space where we tell you what’s  happening with us and regale you with things we like.

Okay first off, amazing developments for Wunderkammer in the last few days….We have received some more funding for the project from the fabulous Vesterbro Lokaludvalg not only this but Øksnehallen are also providing a lighting rig and not only that! But, Lej et Lig are generously sponsoring the project and providing us with four cars including one of their inimitable rustvogne or herses. They all join Urban Help and Statens Kunstråd Scenevalg as our main supporters of the project. Five more cars to go!


Saturday was a fantastic night as the mighty folk at RISK:RECLAIM:ENTERTAIN took over Københavns Musikteater with ”The Stage That Wasn’t There’. I joined the other mugs who’d turned up late to wait in the queue which trailed down the whole street. Obviously Copenhagen needs and wants this kind of thing as so many people were chomping at the bit to get in.

The evening was a delight of exploration, with every corner of the building filled with different experiments, performances, installations and happenings. All parts of the building were used from sweeping vistas up the back fire escape stairs, to the main house and smaller rooms in the loft. I came across magically moving puppetry, clouds of smoke and swatches of fire, several white clad performers from some other world, curious notes left on the floor and whole rooms splattered with fish, vegetables and I think nutella….residues of some biazzare happening that made me more and more excited about the whole evening. There fantastic thing about that evening was the sense of discovery and interaction, there was an electric buzz in the atmosphere as people milled around, sat and watched, drank, chatted and had a generally amazing evening. Surely this is what going to the theatre should be all about??


Sunday night was Boda Boda, a collaboration between Stuart Lynch and The Boda Boda Group for the My World Images Festival. The trio of multi-tasking artists performing to a contented, informal and curious Sunday evening crowd at Blågårds Plads. On stage were Michael Ouma-Mariba and Samuel Prince Ibanda from  Uganda and Amia Miang from Denmark, performing a fourty minute piece devised in four days describing the various experiences of Ugandan and Danish characters in a Ugandan city. There was sharp and truthful dancing from Samuel Price Ibanda and flowing guitar from Michael Ouma-Mariba building up to a stiring rendition of Massive Attack’s Angel. Overall, an insight into another culture and another way of life. What struck me the most was the setting of the piece in the heart of Norrebro, children swinging high behind the stage, different people wondering in and out of the audience arena, challenging video installations of interviews with the residents; their personal conversations now blasting clearly into the public arena. It was the right balance of provocation, drama and informality.


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