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General thoughts on Drive-in Rio proposals: TIME


Drive-in Rio Poster designed by Samuel Moore

Wunderkammer Latin America have been looking through and selecting proposals to be a part of Drive-in Rio.  This is always an exciting stage as one considers the possibilities of what the project can become. You will soon be able to see the full line-up on our new website: www.driveinrio.com.

The shows so far a part of Drive-in Rio all consider Time. More specifically, the elapsing of time. Be it through compressing 100 years into ten minutes with Fuso Coletivo, a dystopian vision of the future in ’Fuel’ or time standing still in a surreal moment as with the show ’Paradise in Peaces’. Amazonia Regina – our ’inconvenient queen’ surveys the earth below her war room where we see rain forests depleated and repopulated. In ’Weep’ a proposal from Danish artists Ida Elizabeth Larsen ad Marie-Louise Stentebjerg we see the many thousands of tears shed by the cars two inhabitants who are fully submerged in water where-after a choreography of crying commences. The sheer volume of the water is yet another indication of time passing. Time also stands still for the public as they are implicated in the agony of Maria Carolina Telles & Andrea Cassola’s proposal ’Carro Feminista’. An ominous Yanomami for-warning accompanies ’The Jungle Car’ by Lucas telling us time is running out until the sky lietrally falls on our heads.

This approach to the project sees the artists allowing themselves to fast forward, freeze frame, and roll back time. For me, this communicates each artist is trying to tackle what this Drive-in Rio’s themes really are. The pre-occupation with time in the work demonstrates a real engagement with the issue of sustainability. They are coming at it from all angles and what’s more presenting work which engages the mind and makes people think about the issues involved. If you’d like to check out more ressources regarding the 7 major themes of Rio + 20 follow this link: 7 critical issues at Rio + 20

The real aim of this sprawling performance installation is to create for the duration of the show, another reality. From the proposals so far we are edging towards a critical, dark and thoughtful consideration of a world that needs to sit up and take note. Engage in the chaos!

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