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Wunderkammer Presents “No Known Cause”.

“NO KNOWN CAUSE” by Wunderkammer. August 18th – 27th as part of KIT Metropolis Festival 2011. Ny Tap, Carlsberg, Copenhagen. English Language. 45min Ca. We live our lives side by side, thin plaster walls dividing our existence, a millennia of choices leading up to the present moment. In The Corridor new rules apply…take a look, listen hard. […]

IN PEACES by 3rd Addiction reviewed by Vibeke Wern.

Wunderkammer co-founder Sam Moore, collaborated with Dancer/Choreographer Esther Wrobble on a short vertical dance piece titled “The Room”,part of 4 works titled “In Peaces”  He helped developed the concept and created the video projection for the work.   Here is a review by Danish dance critic Vibeke Wern. Fra brud til fred Dans. Dansk/israelske Esther Wrobel og […]

Historical Wunderkammer Drive-In ads.

Found these old ads floating around Youtube


Wunderkammer has an office. We just moved into Ny Tap at the old Carlsberg Brewery. Find us here.

The drive-in is closed for the year.

Well the last cars have left the building and the projectors have been shut down, so the Drive-In is closed for now.  It was an amazing 5 weeks out at Ny Tap, a time I will never forget. Here is a list of the people involved with “Drive-In” (In alphabetical order )  More names coming […]


Georg aka Ole Worm, took some great photos of our kulturnatten guests. Check them out here.