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We are preparing another edition of ‘Drive-In’ this time during the World Cup 2014 in Rio. Here is a look at a one of the concept sketches and our amazing venue Cidade das Artes  

Helsingør Trip

Location scouting for ‘Jackalope´in Helsingør.

A thoughtful review of ‘No Known Cause´

Af Elin Lund09/09/11, 16:44 5/6 Stars. Parallell realities We went to see Wunderkammers no known cause after attending one of the five previous dress rehearsals. The dress rehearsal, seemed to be spatial experiment, where our reaction to the space and a series of tableaus in the various rooms that together with the a corridor constituted the […]

Få en bærende statistrolle i performance-installationen ØMME DUPPER

Få en bærende statistrolle i performance-installationen ØMME DUPPER Forestillingen Performance-installationen ØMME DUPPER sætter fokus på hverdagen. Den hverdag vi kender så godt – ja faktisk så godt, at der er ting og situationer, vi slet ikke lægger mærke til længere. I ØMME DUPPER vil vi både sætte fokus på handlinger, som vi alle udfører, og […]

Review of ‘No Known Cause’

Review of ‘No Known Cause’  by mayhemandmiscellany In Copenhagen I caught the end of ‘Metropolis – festival for art and performance in urban space’ – hello, festival made just for me! I saw the intriguing No Known Cause, which was a brilliant night, even if I was by myself. I’m not sure if I was more […]

NO KNOWN CAUSE a review.

“No Known Cause” has to be one of the most intriguing, most engaging theatre productions i’ve ever seen. The one hour long production has been scaring, captivating and pleasing theatre lovers and other enthusiasts for the past week or so, staged at the endearing industrial surroundings of the Ny Tap hall, outside Carlsberg’s factory by […]


Above is an image from a vertical dance with Esther Wrobel that I am working on  in Silkeborg at  Højskolen Performers House. The work we are developing will be part of “In Peaces” at DANSEhallerne Carlsberg  from 12. – 15. april 2011.   It’s an experiment in dance, video, sound and perspective.   Stay tuned for a teaser video…


Just got back from watching Pogo Mob by The Mob at the Københavns Musikteater.  A show that was loosely inspired by the first British punk era and the spirit of D.I.Y. The scene is bare and white, with two young woman dressed in blue jeans and white t-shirts the uniform of British punks. One of […]

Kulturnatten at the “Drive-In”

While we are not officially part of Kulturnatten 2010, Wunderkammers’ drive in will be accepting Kulturenatten passes, so come on down to Ny Tap Carlsberg and enjoy the “Drive-In” . The foyer bar opens at 6pm and the “Drive-in” opens at 8pm. For more information look here.

Cars and Construction…

The petrol tanks have been emptied and the first 5 automobile relics have been delivered.  They are ready to be filled with all sorts of wonderful things… And the “Drive-In” dive bar is taking form, deep in the basement of Carlsberg. more soon…