Wunderkammer Theatre Company


Wunderkammer is Samuel Moore and Luke Cooper. Our exploration of the live event runs parallel with our curiosity for experiencing the world, raging about it and rehashing it to make an indelible, yet unique mark upon it.

Company: Luke Cooper, Samuel Moore and Lucas Margutti

Current Associates: Hildigunn Eydfinsdóttir, Sissel Marie Tonn and Sophie Ullerup.

Company background: The partnership began in 2010 and was formed from two distinct creative backgrounds. With a career in design for TV and motion graphics Sam had experienced the possibilities of the live event outside of theatre institutions at Shunt, London – where Luke worked as producer and curator for six years. Their subsequent meeting in Copenhagen in 2009 and shared enthusiasm for different art forms and what they could offer to each other and to an audience, brought them to form Wunderkammer.

Their first Wunderkammer projects brought them into the bowels of the old Carlsberg breweries, Copenhagen – reimagining the artistic possibilities of these deserted industrial buildings with shows including Drive-in and No Known Cause as well as a regular, recurring platforming project for new work called Create Space.

Wunderkammer is about creating space for artistic collaboration in the creation of a live event. It is also about the audience experience of the work and blurring the boundaries of when this experience starts and finishes, what form it takes and where the work is located. To Wunderkammer art form is never sacred and creating contemporary work comes from continued exploration and exchange between different practices, be they deemed artistic or otherwise. Their shows and work therefore often creates a space for play, development of work-in-progress and showing audiences work in its early stages. We are interested in working outside normal theatrical conventions and the majority of our work has been located outside theatre buildings and institutions. We are also interested in reconfiguring the theatrical experience within established institutions.

Key to our aesthetic is suspense, experience, warped reality, transgression and exploration. We are often inspired by the apocalyptic, the absurd, ugliness and questioning the way people see the world.