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Monthly Archives: February 2012

9th Aug: THE BIG ONE; Wunderkammer, Marie Topp, Eja Rhea Mathea Due, Hildigunn Eydfinsdóttir & Katrin Ottarsdóttir, Marie-Louise Stentjberg, TRADE

This was a learning curve for the ‘No Known Cause’ team. We o where near expected the 50 plus people that turned up and our show space was designed for an audience of 35 people at any one time. Still Rene Kruse and I managed trying out the absurd start to our show. An elaborate […]

16th Sept: LEJLIGHEDSMINDER – en filminstallation by Hildigunn Eyðfinnsdóttir & Katrin Ottarsdóttir

Following ‘No Known Cause’ Hildigunn and Katrin couldn’t resist trying out all sections of their new film installation ‘Lejlighedsminder’. By co-incidence their installation requires the precise set from Act one of ‘No Known Cause’, namely a corridor with various rooms and the possibility for 5 cinema-sized screen projections. We were nervously invited into the set […]

August 5th; Esther Wrobel & Thomas Bentin

Wunderkammer collaborator Esther Wrobel presented her new dance film piece created in collaboration with Thomas Bentin to get some feedback from Create Space audiences. Similarly to ‘The Getaway’ made with Wunderkammer during ‘Drive-in’ and ‘The Room’ a collaboration between Esther and Wunderkammer’s Sam Moore. This film played with perspective and the creation of a new […]

1st August; UNTZDANZ

This time Create Space platformed UNTZDANZ. A dance and electronic collaboration between Choreographer and Dancer My Grondholt and Musician Erik Christoffersen. This captivating performance was a series of characters which My Grontholt stepped into, peeled off and ingested as Erik brought the mood up and down with techno inspired beats and quirky electronic sounds. Most […]

31st July: IKI

This evening we were joined by the girls from IKI. Nine women who believe in creating music through improvised voice collaborations. They were quick to explore the spaces of Ny Tap and sought out various ways to make their sounds travel and soar for audiences. First we were lead into darkened rooms of the set […]

29th July; Birgitte Skands, Tenna Wig & Wunderkammer

Dancer/Choreographer Birgitte Skands began the evening with her interpretation of space and movement and how she instinctively makes all spaces her own. The audience arrived to Birgitte’s warm personality having already absorbed the cold concrete industrial surroundings of the performance. There were ritualistic elements to Birgitte’s performance as she told stories of her life and […]

Review of ‘No Known Cause’

Review of ‘No Known Cause’  by mayhemandmiscellany In Copenhagen I caught the end of ‘Metropolis – festival for art and performance in urban space’ – hello, festival made just for me! I saw the intriguing No Known Cause, which was a brilliant night, even if I was by myself. I’m not sure if I was more […]