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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Meeting 4# – WK Video Wall 22/04/11

Present: Luke Cooper, Sam Moore, Marie-Louise Stentjberg, Claudius Pratt, Hildigunn Eydfinsdóttir, Birgitte Skands. Last week Wunderkammer was busy with ‘IN PEACES’, Sam doing 3-D graphics and Wunderkammer putting together a series of after events to try out working in the Dansehallern bar as a way of platforming new work. Luke also spoke at ‘Performing Places […]

Create Space; So far…

I thought I’d write up a quick review of the meetings we’ve had so far so you can see what we’ve covered in our conversations. After the intial Open Space at Dansehallern where the conversations started I hosted the first ‘spin-off’ meeting at my flat; Meeting #1 – Group Therapy 04/03/11 Present; Luke Cooper, Emma-Cecilie […]

IN PEACES by 3rd Addiction reviewed by Vibeke Wern.

Wunderkammer co-founder Sam Moore, collaborated with Dancer/Choreographer Esther Wrobble on a short vertical dance piece titled “The Room”,part of 4 works titled “In Peaces”  He helped developed the concept and created the video projection for the work.   Here is a review by Danish dance critic Vibeke Wern. Fra brud til fred Dans. Dansk/israelske Esther Wrobel og […]

‘Create Space’

Hello, Hej and welcome to the ‘Create Space’ blog! ‘Create Space’ is a weekly discussion group and presentation forum for the performing arts. It is presented by Wunderkammer at our offices in The Old Carlsberg Breweries. I’ll be posting summaries of the meetings we’ve had and various other information about creating spaces for performance in […]