Wunderkammer Theatre Company

16th Sept: LEJLIGHEDSMINDER – en filminstallation by Hildigunn Eyðfinnsdóttir & Katrin Ottarsdóttir

Following ‘No Known Cause’ Hildigunn and Katrin couldn’t resist trying out all sections of their new film installation ‘Lejlighedsminder’. By co-incidence their installation requires the precise set from Act one of ‘No Known Cause’, namely a corridor with various rooms and the possibility for 5 cinema-sized screen projections. We were nervously invited into the set by Hildigunn and Katrin. Both perfectionists and perhaps not as used to working on the wing and a prayer ethos which now in part characterises Wunderkammer. The installation is divided in various sections of the narrator’s flat, each film entitled by the room it is filmed in. Hildigunn tells a variety of stories from the confines of each room all retrospectively. All the films are wonderfully evoked memories with the film reversed and slow down in pivitol places. The humour is black and the stories are moving. The audience wonder around as the sounds interlace with each other, each film inviting you to stop and dwell for it’s duration. We are inside the head of a disturbed individual you might think, or as I thought, we are being given priviliged access by someone who is celebrating the uniqueness of their life.

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